I have a NEW sparkly program coming out next month and will be LOOKING FOR WOMEN to participate in the program and give me feedback.  The program will be offered at a very AFFORDABLE price as I know fertility can be a challenge financially and I want to help you in every way I can!

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Are you ready to get your body ready for your little bundle of joy? My approach to baby bodies and optimal fertility is realistic and adaptable to you and your individual needs. I want you to feel empowered on this journey through my awesome program. You will learn more about how your body works, why you need certain nutrients and how you can improve your health and wellbeing from a nutritional point.

Fertility is a very complex issue and many things can cause an imbalance in your system. Let me help you figure out the mystery that is fertility and get your body baby ready!

Ready to jump right in and get started? Get the full treatment in my Fertile Beginnings program. Here we will break down your issues and work one-on-one to bring your body back to balance. You will also get full access to me, delicious recipes, constant support, accountability and encouragement along the way.  Learn more about the program here.

After suffering with my own fertility struggles and finally welcoming my sweet girl into the world, in 2016, I learned so much about the importance of a healthy baby body. Making sure you have the nutrients and foundation you need to support your body and create new life is essential. Also, the importance of learning how to manage stress, whether it be emotional stress or physical stress on your body.

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What People Have To Say About Working With Me:

“I worked with Katie for about a month learning about nutrition and a healthy diet while trying to conceive.    After following Katie’s guidance and advice, I got pregnant about 3 months later and am now pregnant with baby number 2! If it weren’t for her nutritional advice, I don’t know where I would be.  Katie continues to keep in touch with me (2 years later) through her Facebook group, emails and even Fitbit weekly challenges encouraging exercise! I’m so grateful for all her help and advice and would definitely recommend her services to anyone wanting to learn about preconception nutrition or just a general healthy diet.  “

“I would definitely recommend you for anyone looking for help in preparing their bodies for baby time. You know your stuff and what you didn’t you found out for me. And you are living proof that it works! That’s even better! That gives me even more hope.”

“I did enjoy the information in the emails. Very well laid out and very clear. I like how you use examples from your life in them. Makes me not feel so alone.“

“(What I’ve enjoyed most is) Our chats. The fact that you completely understood and have struggled the struggles I have. It has been hard talking to people who don’t understand…it has been a hard few years. You brought some hope back to me.. for many reasons.  I feel more energy and hopeful. I learned a lot and feel more confident in my choices for nutrition and suppliments.”

“You were kind and honest and you, like I said, found out whatever I asked about if you didn’t know…you are warm and welcoming to chat with, you send the best emails and now have the FB group which I love.”